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Full Face
*Nose and hairline are optional.
Brow Shaping
*Shaping the brows to accentuate each persons features. Trimming is included.
Upper Lip
*Only includes upper lip.
Lower Lip
*Only includes lower lip.
*Includes lower lip.
*Removes the hairs around the cheeks to allow for a flawless makeup application, deeper absorption of topical products, and/or a smooth, refreshed look for your face.
*Removes hairs on the inside of the nostrils.
Side Burns
*Starts at hairline and ending just below the earlobe.
*Remove hair from along the temples, across the top of the forehead, ending on opposite temple.
*Can be front of neck OR back of neck.
Full Arms
*Starts at bicep and ends at fingers. Tops of hands and knuckles included.
Half Arms
*Can be upper or lower arm, splitting at elbow.
Full Back
*Neck not included.
Upper Back
*Taking care of the hair from below the neckline to the base of the shoulder blades
Mid Back
*Starting below the shoulder blades and ending at belly button level.
Lower Back
*Starting at belly button level on the back and ending 4 inches above the tailbone.
*Starting at clavicle to bottom of pecs/breasts.
Chest Strip
*Waxing down the center of the sternum.
*Starting just below chest line and ending 3-5 inches above the underwear region.
Stomach Strip (Women)
Stomach Strip (Men)
Full Legs
*Feet included.
Upper Leg
*Waxing from 4 inches outside of the underwear line, stopping just below the knee.
Lower Leg
*Waxing from just above the knee and ending at the bottom of the leg. (Toes included)
Full Butt
Butt Strip
*Between the cheeks only.
*Removes hair 3-4 fingers width outside of the underwear.
Bikini Plus
*Waxing just the front of the bikini area, and excluding the butt strip.
*Consists of the Bikini Plus and the butt strip.
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